She Glues Brown Paper Bags To The Floor. I Thought It Was Odd Until I Saw The End Result

Want a unique and inexpensive way to transform your floors? Check this out.

This technique employs brown paper bags! Now hold on, this technique will indeed create fabulous flooring and as mentioned it will cost you next to nothing!

First remove the molding. Next, you rip the paper into sections. You can use builders paper or paper bags without print. Crumpling the paper can create a leather texture that can look great.

DIY Imperfection

Domestic Imperfection blogger, Ashley, wanted to revamp her son’s floor but in an affordable yet awesome manner.Using a tutorial she found using paper bags to make a plywood floor, she took it one stepfurther for her concrete floors. With just $80, Ashley she obtained all the supplies necessary for her son’s 10 x 12 ft room.

Gathering The Goods

To start making this, here is what you will need:

  • Roll of brown paper (Ashley recommendsbuilders paper from Home Depot)
  • Water-based floorpolyurethanes
  • Oil based stain (she recommendsMinwax, in provincial)
  • Gallon of Elmer’s glue
  • Deck pad or mop to apply the stain andpolyurethane
  • Small amount of concrete to patch holes from carpet tacks
  • Pole sander and sandpaper

Demo Begins

The first step is to completely clear the room and get rid off all the trim along the walls. it’s so easy and fun even Ashely’s toddler helped in the process, with proper parental supervision naturally. Next, you will need to prep the floors by patching any holesand then sand the concrete floors.

Ripping Time

After the floors are ready, you will start ripping the paper. Ashley suggests pieces measuring about 12-inches in diameter. Don’t worry about them being perfect in size or shape! Also, crinkling the paper will help give the floor a more distressed leather look.

Gluing For Grown Ups

You’re now ready to make the glue mixture! This will consist of a 1:1 ratio of Elmer’s glue to water. Don’t mix the entire batch at once, because it will dry out if not used fast enough.

Time To Get Dirty

Begin gluing each piece by scooping some glue onto the paper and spreading it over both sides. Then lay the piece of paper down on the floor and smooth it out to get rid of any bubbles. Make sure to overlap the paper since it will shrink as it dries.

Floor In Distress

Once the floor is completely dry, you are ready to start staining! You can leave the floor its natural color or add on the stain.Remember that it is supposed to look distressed. So, some discoloration is what you want.

Stained The Right Way

Make sure to “feather” the stain on to ensure no lines or blemishes. After the stain has dried, roll on the poly to seal the flooring. You will need to do multiple coats and let it dry in between each one. This will give it a great shine and ensure that it is kid-proof!

The Finished Product

Wait about a week before moving any furniture back in to ensure the flooring is set. Now, it’s time to enjoy your hard work. The project is time-consumingbut worth the great detailed results!

Home Improvement

The best part is this DIY project can be is fast, affordable, and a fun project to do alone or with your family and friends. It can be used in ANY room in your home and it’s a great alternative to carpet or tile, and will leave your friends scratching their heads wondering how you did it! Next time you’re looking to redo the look of a room, don’t forget a brown paper bag. I know I’ll never look a brown paper bagthe same way ever again.

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